ANA has members in virtually all States of the Federation and in all the 6 Geo-Political Zones of the country while it has active and functional branches in 30 States of the Federation.

The Association has 3(three) categories of membership: Associate; Full; and Honorary member. To become an associate member of ANA, you only need to profess the innate creative writing talent evident in manuscripts which may have been published in newspapers, journals or in anthologies or at least good enough to be so published. With this in the kitty, a fledging writer only needs to link up with the nearest ANA State branch to his or her place of residence, register and start participating in the various activities of such a branch. To become a full member of the Association, you must be a published creative writer, with at least a book to your name, or a considerable number of works published in reputable anthologies and must have attended at least one national convention of the Association. Honorary membership is given to non-writers, corporate bodies or groups who have shown in their activities, a passion for literature or have contributed by way of support to literary activities of any kind.

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