Recent Major projects of ANA

In assessing the vibrancy of the Association in the area of project conceptualization and execution since its inception, shows that series of strategic activities have been plannned and successfully hosted by ANA over the years. Principal among these activities are

S/No. Date Event Venue
1 2014 Lauching of Nigerian Writers Series project (have already published 10 new fictional tittles of young voices) Nationwide
2 2013 (May 19-23) Burial activities of the founding father of ANA, Chinua Achebe (organised in Conjunction with the National Transition Committee) Abuja-Enugu-Awka-Ogidi
3 2012 to date Organised annual nationwide literary awareness campaign in Secondary and tertiary educational institutions sponsored by Yusuf Ali (SAN) with a yearly grant of N3,000,000. Nationwide
4 2011 to date National Teen Authorship Scheme (published an anthology of teen writings in 2012) Nationwide
5 2010 International Colloquium on The 50 Years of Writings of J. P. Clark University of Lagos
6 2009 Abubakar Imam International Colloquium on Promoting Writing in the Indigenous Languages Kaduna State University
7 2009 National Symposium on Writing in the Indigenous Languages on the Works of Adebayo Faleti Lead City University, Ibadan
8 2009 National Workshop on Children’s Literature American University of Nigeria,Yola
9 2008 50 Years of Things Fall Apart Celebratory Activities Across Nigeria Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Awka, Ogidi and Nsukka
10 2006 20 Years of The Nobel Prize International Colloquium in honour of Wole Soyinka Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife
11 2006 - 2007 National Workshop on Literature and the Environment Lagos
12 2007 National workshop on Creative Writing for Leisure and Tourism IBB University, Lapai
13 2007 National Workshop on Drama University of lagos

In addition to the above projects, ANA has, for 35 years, sustained the publication of its annual literary journal called ANA Review containing literary pieces and critical works as well publishes occasional books, monographs and colloquium proceedings.

The sustainence of its traditional activities over the years has helped ANA to realise some degree of success in the following broad areas.

  1. Keeping literature at the forefront of national discourse.
  2. Contributing to the literary development of the society.
  3. Ensuring the emergence of younger writers and newer talents through literary competitions.
  4. Promoting Nigerian writers nationally and internationally.
  5. Preserving and promoting Nigeria’s cultural heritage.
  6. Projecting writers as veritable public opinion moulders and conscience of the society.