September 20, 2022

The National Secretariat of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) is, hereby, pleased to release the list of ANA Fellowship nominees for 2022.  ANA  considers  it a rare privilege to reckon with the nominees' enormous investment, participation, and outstanding contributions to the growth of Literature  over the years. We have come out with the list  after a thorough assessment by a committee set up for the purpose. The names are as follows:


1.Prof. Abdul Rasheed Na’Alla

2. Prof. Anaezi Okoro

3. Prof. Moses Tsenongu

4. Prof. Razinat Mohammed

5. Prof. Udenta O Udenta

6. Engr. Emmanuel Frank-Opigo

7. Dr. Emmanuel C S Ojukwu(CP Rtd.)

8. Dr. John Asien

9. Miesoinuma Minima JP  Senibo

10. Prof. Nduka Otiono

11. Prof. Vicky Sylvester

12. Lindsay Barret

13. Prof. Tess Onwueme

14. Prof. Yusuf Adamu

15. Dr. Tony Marinho

16. Prof. Mark Nwagwu

17.Prof. Dul Johnson

18. Prof. Amanze Akpuda

19. Prof. Francis Oisaghaede Egbokhare

20. Prof. Ademola Dasylva

21. Prof. Olabanji Fashina




1. Prof. Chidi Osuagwu

2. Dr. Zainab T. Ahmed 

3. Engr. Abubakar Maigandi


We hope that the nominees will accept their nominations in good faith and continue to render the selfless service that is the basis for the Fellowship nomination.


Maik Ortserga

General Secretary