Executive Committee

The Association has a governing National Executive Council made up of 14(fourteen) officials headed by a President with the secretariat administered by a General Secretary, elected every two years at a national convention which is held annually. A slightly similar Executive Council but less in number runs the Association's business at the States' level.

The executive positions include;

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Ass. Secretary
  • Tresurer
  • Financial Secretary
  • Auditor
  • Legal Adviser
  • PRO North
  • PRO South
  • Ex OFFICIO Members (4)

Current Executive Committee

Position Name State Phone Email
President Camillus Ukah ANA Imo 08033415438 [email protected]
Vice-President Farida Mohammed ANA Niger 08065488438 [email protected]
General Secretary Maik Ortserga ANA Benue 07061096392 [email protected]
Asst. Secretary Freeman Okosun ANA Oyo 08034038429 [email protected]
Treasurer Stella Touremi ANA Bayelsa 08037962533 [email protected]
Financial Secretary Chimankpa Ogbueri ANA Rivers 08055613872 [email protected]
Auditor Matthew Taiwo ANA Kaduna 08175741359 [email protected]
PRO South Wole Adedoyin ANA Osun 08072673852 [email protected]
PRO North Umar Kakamu Aliyu ANA Nasarawa 07065156117 [email protected]
Legal Adviser Bentex Torlafia ANA Nasarawa 08068451307 [email protected]
Ex Officio 1 Charles Iornumbe ANA Benue 07038251495 [email protected]
Ex Officio 2 Odono Matthew ANA Ebonyi 08039484168 [email protected]

4 EX OFFICIO Members

Name Phone Email
Isah Ibrahim Danmusa 07033665130 [email protected]
Lambert Ototo 08038706666 [email protected]
Ernest Onuoha 08035082294 [email protected]
Tanko Okoduwa